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FOTN is the moniker of UK-based Electronic Musician David Fletcher, who has a string of previous recordings....


Often called 'Mighty' or 'Legendary' TILT have been a huge part of Clubland for well over 28 years.

Desyfer / Sundogs / Phoenix

Label owner, music producer & DJ Spencer Hickson, aka Desyfer. Flashback to the late 80s; the onset of the North West rave scene...


Born in Sydney to Egyptian parents, Mark Youssef spent most of his life in his parents' hometown, Cairo, Egypt.

Alexey Sonar

Alexey is a DJ, radio presenter, promoter & producer. Alexey’s music career started with his conquest of native city, Murmansk (Russia).


Eric Franchet

Eric Franchet is a producer & remixer based in Cannes. Eric has been playing music for many years. He started playing the violin at...


Matt Black

Matt Black has been DJing and making music for around 15 years. His original love was hardcore and drum & bass, but it was...


It’s known that gifted children are born in a musician family, and Vladimir Ershov (PROFF) is no exception...