Tactal Publishing

It’s the business side of the label and a business that deals in assets.

So what is Tactal Publishing?

It’s the business side of the label and a business that deals in assets. So what are our primary assets? Simple. Our artists & producers and the tracks that they produce. At Tactal Publishing we are the music & the maestro.

So what exactly do we do at Tactal Publishing? Well, by strict definition a music publisher ‘acquires, pro­tects, administers and exploits (in the nicest possible way) the rights to the music’. But before we even get legal we let our ears get down to business. First & foremost music publishing is about hearing a song and seeing how it can live and breathe in many different ways. At Tactal Publishing we have the insight ‘and’ the foresight to maximise the potential in our primary assets. Second, we caretake our artists & producers ‘and’ safeguard the tracks they produce. And third, we apply a huge helping of professional endeavours to assist in the career development of our artists & producers, whilst creating exciting streams of income. To give you a taste of some of what we do: Tactal Publishing assists its artists & producers by managing collaborations, co-writes & recording hook-ups; we secure synchronisation licences & negotiate synch rights (so that songs may be reproduced onto TV, video, radio, etc); & we take out the inconvenience by collecting publishing royalties.

Tactal Publishing also works hard at creating marketing opportunities even when a track has yet to be conceived. At Tactal Publishing we work in unison with songwriters, including our own artists & producers, obtaining commissions from around the world for specific projects & events. At Tactal Publishing we have an established network within the music, film & TV industry. Using our contacts we regularly pitch for and successfully secure commissions. We have a reel of quality producers to call upon to meet the necessary brief (and a huge catalogue of back music if needs be).

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